The Dark Knight Rises ★★★

Having been dissatisfied by the movie itself a second time, I decided to delve into its bonus features in hopes of learning something that may unlocking something. Nope. In fact, I was underwhelmed by the bonus features, too.

The Batmobile ***
To promote The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. gathered all five movie Batmobiles in one place. Throughout this hour-long documentary, different people ranging from Adam West to Dennis O'Neil chime in with their thoughts on the overall concept of the Batmobile and specific models. Some of it is kind of interesting, but mostly repetitive and as I'm not really into cars, I found it overlong.

The final segment, though, showing the Batmobiles shown to the patients in a children's hospital, was genuinely touching. I may or may not have gotten a little choked up during that.

Ending the Knight ***
UGH. It's annoying enough when a "making-of" feature is broken down into smaller pieces so the studio can sidestep paying the participants, but it's doubly annoying when there's no Play All option.

As for the actual content, there's a lot more focus on Chris Corbould and his effects team than there is on the narrative. I'll readily concede that I was impressed by how they staged the football field sequence, but I was also hoping to hear someone address the question of what the hell happened to the mayor of Gotham City after that scene because he isn't even mentioned thereafter in the film.

I suppose in its way, "Ending the Knight" reflects my frustration with The Dark Knight Rises: it's too caught up in the cleverness of visuals to tell much of a story. For viewers who haven't already sat through several other "making-of" features, I'd certainly recommend this but otherwise, it's pretty much the same as the "making-of" features on everything else from Bond to Transformers.

Trailer Archive (8:35) *****
Regardless of how I feel about the movie or its "making-of" supplements, I have to admit that even now, the trailers are exciting to watch.

Print Campaign Art Gallery *
Slideshows are boring. Slideshows on a Blu-ray Disc or DVD are even more boring. The posters are kinda neat, but that doesn't change the fact that slideshows are boring.

So, in conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises was disappointing as both a film and as a Blu-ray Disc. Whomp.