The Ewok Adventure ★½

I actually used to have this on VHS and never got around to it. Then I picked it up on DVD some time nine years ago and only just tonight finally broke down and watched it. Wow. I mean, I knew a made-for-TV movie about Ewoks wasn't going to be the greatest title in my library but I've always kinda liked the Ewoks so I was hoping it would at least be fun.

Instead, it's generic and lazy. There are plot holes a-plenty, way too many attempts to evoke the original Star Wars trilogy (down to Mace looking like young Luke Skywalker in what I can only guess is a stolen rebel fighter pilot outfit). Worse, there are too many things that happen just because the story needs them to happen and not because they make any sense. For instance, why do the Ewoks even bother to help these kids? They should have just eaten them.

How Caravan of Courage Entered My Flickchart
Caravan of Courage < Galaxy Quest --> #1457
Alan Rickman alone guarantees the win here for Galaxy Quest.

Caravan of Courage < Holiday Inn --> #1457
I didn't care much for Holiday Inn overall, but I like its premise and some of the song and dance numbers are kinda fun. It gets the nod.

Caravan of Courage > I Live in the Woods --> #1283
I Live in the Woods is more memorable, certainly, but I had a hard time really getting into its self-indulgent rampage of carnage. I dig Ewoks enough that they get the nod here.

Caravan of Courage < For the Birds --> #1283
I feel really bad for the big bird every time, but then he gets his revenge without even intending to and it's a vicarious victory to relish each time. Conversely, Caravan of Courage is generic and unrewarding.

Caravan of Courage > South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut --> #1237
Okay, I admit that I got a kick out of the satirical point made by the South Park movie and its commentary on parental responsibility. Otherwise, though, I just do not care for that entire series at all. I'm picking the admittedly generic Ewok TV movie here.

Caravan of Courage < Fires of Kuwait --> #1237
Confession: I only scarcely remember seeing Fires of Kuwait in IMAX on a school trip, maybe? I dunno. But I'd much rather re-watch that than to sit through the 97 dull minutes of Caravan of Courage again.

Caravan of Courage > Brother Bear --> #1225
Ewoks win this one if for no other reason than not having a Phil Collins song run roughshod over what should be its most emotional conversation of the entire movie.

Caravan of Courage < Cookie's Fortune --> #1225
I had some problems with Cookie's Fortune, but at least that whole movie wasn't phoned in the way Caravan of Courage was.

Caravan of Courage > King Ralph --> #1222
Sometimes, Flickchart makes me feel like a victim of Jigsaw. *sigh* Ewoks win over an embarrassment in the filmography of Peter O'Toole.

Caravan of Courage < My Favorite Year --> #1222
Ewoks vs. Peter O'Toole, Round 2!
My Favorite Year is somewhat lazy and contrived, but at least it has the charisma of Peter O'Toole in what amounts to self-caricature.

Caravan of Courage entered my Flickchart at #1222/1466