The Horse's Mouth ★★★★½

After finishing The Thief of Bagdad, I felt I had missed the mark of my friend's taste. When it was over, asked what she wanted to do next and she shrugged she was game for another movie. I thought for a bit and decided to go with a comedy. The Horse's Mouth isn't an obvious choice at all, but it was the funniest movie I saw last year so I felt it at least had that going for it.

Things started off promising enough, with some chuckling but soon it seemed my friend was starting to nod off. She was awake (she says), but stopped reacting after a while. At one point 2/3 into the movie, she got up to deal with one of the dogs. She didn't indicate that she wanted me to pause it. I thought about it, but it seemed like she was just trying to get through it by that point so I let it play. She didn't really miss much during those few minutes, but it did make me feel awkward. Again, when it was over she said she'd liked it but there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm. I feel like I went 0-2 on the day.

The Horse's Mouth Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#239/1510)

The Horse's Mouth > Clerks. --> #239
Clerks. is likable and entertaining, but The Horse's Mouth cracks me up from start to finish! I haven't seen Alec Guinness appear to have so much fun as in this one.

The Horse's Mouth > The Green Hornet --> #239
There are things to like about The Green Hornet, and overall I dig it but this is an easy win for The Horse's Mouth. It's my second favorite Guinness performance, next only to The Bridge on the River Kwai.

The Horse's Mouth < Starship Troopers --> #239
Damn! This one is tough. The Horse's Mouth is more entertaining, but I think Starship Troopers made more of an impression on me.

The Horse's Mouth < Beetlejuice --> #283
I thoroughly enjoy The Horse's Mouth, but Beetlejuice has been nearer and dearer to me a lot longer. Sorry, Sir Alec!

The Horse's Mouth > Star Trek Generations --> #283
Though I enjoy the novelty of Kirk & Picard sharing the screen, The Horse's Mouth is wall-to-wall hilarity and one of the few movies to actually make me laugh aloud by myself at home.

The Horse's Mouth > You've Got Mail --> #283
Hanks & Ryan are irresistibly charming individually and together, but The Horse's Mouth is comedic brilliance. Guinness > Hanks & Ryan - this time, anyway.

The Horse's Mouth > Medicine Man --> #283
I owe Medicine Man another viewing, having not seen it since the VHS era. I always liked the chemistry between Connery and Bracco, but not half as much as I enjoy Guinness in The Horse's Mouth.

The Horse's Mouth > One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest --> #283
Yes, Jack Nicholson was great in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and there's some great commentary on the mental health care system, but I thoroughly love The Horse's Mouth. It gets the nod.

The Horse's Mouth Nosferatu --> #283
Damn! This one is tough. Guinness vs. Schreck, huh? Really tough call for me to make. I could go either way depending on my mood. Right now, I favor The Horse's Mouth...barely.

The Horse's Mouth > The Wolf Man --> #283
Much as I adore the Universal Monsters pictures, and The Wolf Man in particular, I have to go with Alec Guinness's hilarious, cranky performance in The Horse's Mouth.

The Horse's Mouth was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #283/1510