The Idle Class ★★★

With half an hour remaining on the clock and only in need of a short film to complete the checklist, I found The Idle Class to close out my 2012 DVD Talk Criterion Challenge. I wasn't terribly thrilled by The Circus, my first ever Chaplin film, when I streamed that earlier this month but to be honest, run time was the only thing that mattered to me at the time I picked this.

Its premise is simple enough: a sort of "Prince and the Pauper" story of mistaken identity between The Tramp and a socialite husband on the outs with his teetotaler wife. Shenanigans ensue, the likes of which are pretty obvious and predictable now; I cannot say how fresh they were in 1921.

My favorite bit in the whole thing was when The Tramp, tiring of hurting his hand every time he punched at his adversary wearing the armored knight costume, begins to punch through a pillow. I thought that was particularly clever.

How The Idle Class Entered My Flickchart
The Idle Class < Lifted --> #1422
The Idle Class > There Was a Father --> #1074
The Idle Class < Nell --> #1074
The Idle Class < Ghosts of Girlfriends Past --> #1074
The Idle Class > No Reservations --> #1029
The Idle Class < Ambush at Cimarron Pass --> #1029
The Idle Class > The Care Bears Movie --> #1017
The Idle Class < Mission: Impossible III --> #1017
The Idle Class < Creepshow --> #1017
The Idle Class < In Good Company --> #1017
The Idle Class < Taffin --> #1017

The Idle Class entered my Flickchart at #1017/1432