The Incredibles ★★★★½

This is my third recorded viewing of The Incredibles, having previously seen it during its original theatrical run, then on DVD and now on Blu-ray Disc. It's possible I saw it a second time on DVD during the time before I began tracking at-home viewings but I can't say that such a viewing stands out in my mind.

Regardless, what I've found is that I enjoyed the film more tonight than in either of those previous viewings - which is saying something because I really enjoyed it then! We talk about The Incredibles as a comic book/superhero movie and it certainly is that, but tonight I was more dazzled by the spy-fi aspects - particularly the obvious homages to Ken Adam's iconic production design work on the James Bond series, particularly Dr. No and You Only Live Twice. I found myself just staring at the screen, thinking of how many whole frames would be worthy of displaying all on their own.

Tonight's viewing was in the context of this year's DVD Talk Academy Awards Challenge. In addition to being named BEST ANIMATED FEATURE, The Incredibles also won SOUND EDITING and was nominated for SOUND MIXING and WRITING (Original Screenplay). I used my admittedly outdated surround sound system tonight and had to make no conscious effort to pay attention to the audio.

Not only were the sound effects terrific, but even just the placement of dialog really helped create a sense of environment. Just listen to Bob trying to take his clandestine orders from Mirage, with Helen calling to him from elsewhere in the house, or either of the scenes at Edna's place. There's also Michael Giacchino's lively score, consciously in the classic John Barry mold but original and fresh instead of generic and recycled. The music is nicely interwoven with the dialog and sound effects to create a rich listening experience.

In short, The Incredibles Blu-ray Disc is top-shelf a/v reference material and a whole lot of fun, to boot!

The Incredibles Re-Ranked on My Flickchart (#293/1482)

The Incredibles > Frankenstein vs. the Wolf Man --> #293
I do love me some old school Universal Monsters movies, and Frankenstein vs. the Wolf Man is a favorite, but it's not as much fun as The Incredibles.

The Incredibles > Ernest Scared Stupid --> #293
The most important thing for me about Ernest Scared Stupid is that it made me forever fearful of Eartha Kitt. That's not enough to best the sheer fun of The Incredibles.

The Incredibles > Blue State --> #185
The premise of Blue State is decent enough, and I loved the chemistry between Breckin Meyer and Anna Paquin, but the story itself is contrived and clumsy. Going with The Incredibles here.

The Incredibles > Wild Things --> #93
I could go either way on this one depending on my mood. I love the shamelessness and endless plot twists of Wild Things. Plus: Bill Murray! At this moment, though, I favor The Incredibles by a hair.

The Incredibles < The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance --> #93
Outside of the Toy Story series, The Incredibles may well be my favorite Pixar film to date...but it's not quite on the same tier as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

The Incredibles < Frankenstein --> #93
I picked The Incredibles over Frankenstein vs. the Wolf Man, but I can't pick it over the iconic Frankenstein. It's not just iconic. It's a masterpiece, and I adore it.

The Incredibles < Old Yeller --> #93
As popcorn fare goes, The Incredibles is Grade A entertainment. Old Yeller stumbles more, but it also resonates much more deeply. It gets the nod.

The Incredibles < Star Trek --> #93
My Trekker bias comes into play here. Even though I have more nitpicks about Star Trek, it was more satisfying for me to see a beloved franchise revitalized.

The Incredibles < The Empire Strikes Back --> #93
Simply put, it's because of The Empire Strikes Back that I even care about Star Wars at all. There's no shame in losing to that, Incredibles.

The Incredibles > Alice in Wonderland (1951) --> #90
I only have one complaint about Alice in Wonderland, and that's that the songs aren't very interesting or memorable (save "Painting the Roses Red"). It's not much, but it's a bigger issue than anything I have with The Incredibles and that tips the scales.

The Incredibles was re-ranked on my Flickchart to #90/1482

77th Academy Awards (2004)
(W) SOUND EDITING -- Michael Silvers and Randy Thom
(N) SOUND MIXING -- Randy Thom, Gary A. Rizzo and Doc Kane
(N) WRITING (Original Screenplay) -- Written by Brad Bird