The November Man ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Pierce Brosnan is always fun to watch, even when the movie he's in isn't. Word of mouth had it that The November Man was one of his better works in awhile, so I was hopeful. Unfortunately, while I can't say how it stacks up against other recent Brosnan vehicles, it's ultimately disappointing all on its own.

Brosnan is reliably entertaining, and supported by two fairly strong performers: Olga Kurylenko holds the screen well as Alice/Mira, the role that has the unenviable task of carrying the heft of the narrative. Amila Terzimehić is imposing and icy as assassin Alexa, but unfortunately that character is given short shrift.

As for the story, I'm not even sure if it's more accurate to say that this is a tired recycling of spy tropes or if it's an outright pastiche. We've seen everything here before, though there was a moment of promise when Peter (Brosnan) actually severs Sarah's (Eliza Taylor) femoral artery. That, I'll admit, took me by surprise and gave me hope that the film was going to turn things around, but alas, that was the lone highlight.

Pierce Brosnan, you're better than this.

How The November Man Entered My Flickchart

The November Man < MGM: When the Lion Roars → #1702
The November Man > Necessary Roughness (1991) → #1283
The November Man < Bonnie and Clyde → #1283
The November Man < Galaxy Quest → #1283
The November Man > There Was a Father → #1229
The November Man < Son of Dracula → #1229
The November Man > The Mummy's Hand → #1215
The November Man > Hellboy → #1209
The November Man > Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! → #1205
The November Man < Antichrist → #1205

The November Man entered my Flickchart at #1205/1710