Toy Story of Terror! ★★★★

By this point, the toys aren't just favorite characters; they're old friends, and it's always nice to catch up with them. By playing on the tropes of the horror genre so openly, Toy Story of Terror! displays the kind of humor that has marked the franchise these last 18 years.

Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton) narrating the special/short/whatever this is not only contributes to the humor, but services that character. The big winner here is Jessie (Joan Cusack), who gets the meatiest role in the story. It's nice to see a female character with some agency, and Jessie is probably in the top 10 of her generation.

I could have done without four commercial breaks in a 30 minute broadcast, but what're ya gonna do? The humor was sharp, the characterizations were solid, and the plot actually did include some unsettling moments (such as Mr. Jones's abductions). I laughed, and I enjoyed the company of my old pals for half an hour. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with this one.

How Toy Story of Terror! Entered My Flickchart

Toy Story of Terror! < Batman: Gotham Knight --> #1577
Toy Story of Terror! is a fun reunion with the gang, and I did laugh aloud a few times, but this one goes to Batman: Gotham Knight.

Toy Story of Terror! > Spider-Man 2 --> #1189
I like some things about Spider-Man 2, but there are other things that frustrate me too much for me to really enjoy it. Toy Story of Terror! isn't perfect, but it's good enough to squeak by here.

Toy Story of Terror! > Tango & Cash --> #991
There should be a new toy for Kurt Russell to voice. In the meanwhile, Toy Story of Terror! gets the nod.

Toy Story of Terror! > The Ladykillers --> #892
Tom Hanks showdown! The Ladykillers is better than its reputation, but it's not as satisfying as getting together with the toys again. Timothy Dalton's Mr. Pricklepants cracked me up.

Toy Story of Terror! < Bad Boys II --> #892
If you asked me which I'd rather have in my library, it's Toy Story of Terror! If you asked me which was more satisfying when I first saw it, it's Bad Boys II. Michael Bay threw in the kitchen sink...and then blew it up.

Toy Story of Terror! < Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone --> #892
Toy Story > Harry Potter for me in general, but Toy Story of Terror! didn't finish as strongly as it opened, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was a solid debut for that series.

Toy Story of Terror! < The 'Burbs --> #892
Tom Hanks showdown! I love the toys, but The 'Burbs shows how to do what Toy Story of Terror! tried to do.

Toy Story of Terror! > Smiley Face --> #885
I do like Anna Faris and Smiley Face was likable enough, but I never cared about it the way I care about the Toy Story gang.

Toy Story of Terror! > The Patchwork Girl of Oz --> #882
Toy Story > Oz here, and pretty much in any possible head-to-head battle between the franchises *except* the '39 musical would always win.

Toy Story of Terror! < The Cat Concerto --> #882
Tough call. The Cat Concerto is one of the very few Tom & Jerry shorts I actually enjoyed, but I just don't care about those characters the way I care about the Toy Story toys.

Toy Story of Terror! entered my Flickchart at #882/1585