White Christmas ★★★

I actually bought this DVD last year, but didn't get around to watching it during the holiday season. I did, however, see Holiday Inn, of which I was told White Christmas is a remake. I wasn't particularly wowed by it (reviewed here), so I wasn't particularly eager to see this version.

But then a friend of mine tweeted that she was watching it and I decided the time had come. She paused her Netflix stream and waited for me to catch up. I very rarely watch anything for the first time with any kind of distractions if I can help it, but the idea of syncing up with her to live-tweet the experience was too tempting. We snarked along with it, despite it being one of her favorite movies, and we tried to keep track of the women's costume changes (I think we stopped around 13?).

I still can't get past knowing what an absolute jerk Bing Crosby was off-set to like his screen performances, but Danny Kaye has a really nice rapport with him here. Similarly, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen work well together as sisters Betty and Judy, respectively.

What quickly became apparent to me was that despite some general similarities, White Christmas is not, in fact, a remake of Holiday Inn. Plot-wise, this one makes more sense and has better developed characters, though I confess I found the concept of Holiday Inn more novel.

Music-wise, I was actually pretty underwhelmed by White Christmas...until Rosemary Clooney performed "Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me". The song itself isn't particularly memorable, but I was entirely entranced by her performance. Elegant, smoldering...completely captivating. I don't think I'd ever seen any other performance of hers, but I was dazzled by that number.

In the end, I can see why others are smitten with White Christmas, but I'd be overstating it to count myself among them.

How White Christmas Entered My Flickchart

White Christmas < Shrek --> #1593
White Christmas > The Terminator --> #1201
White Christmas > Scorched --> #1001
White Christmas > Kick-Ass --> #901
White Christmas < Wayne's World 2 --> #901
White Christmas > Driving Miss Daisy --> #876
White Christmas < Family Business --> #876
White Christmas < The Social Network --> #876
White Christmas > Artie Lange's Beer League --> #872
White Christmas < The Birdcage --> #872

White Christmas entered my Flickchart at #872/1601