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  • The Painter and the Thief

    The Painter and the Thief


    THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF is a true crime documentary without the lurid exploitation or an unresolved ending. Intimate to an astonishing degree, crafted with a fine art aesthetic, and illuminating in what draws humans together, the film allows interpretation for motives, forgiveness and what the future may bring for it's subjects.

  • Brain Damage

    Brain Damage


    It sure is fun watching a greasy horror movie with wild visuals, tonal shifts, allegorical subtext and fully committed performances.

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  • Midsommar



    There was a moment while watching Midsommar where i wondered if this was what it was like for audiences that got to experience a new piece by Mozart first hand.

    Ari Aster is a virtuoso — a filmmaker in complete control of theme, technique, narrative and performance. His attention to detail results in a fully realized world that he deftly fucks with from scene to scene, shot to shot. 

    He brings a sense of wonder back to the horror genre.

  • Knife+Heart



    Every time i feel a genre slump — where it seems like everything is so predictable despite the successful details that got it noticed on the festival circuit — a movie like KNIFE+HEART comes along and completely reinvigorates me.

    How does someone make a movie that functions so effectively within a rigid template such as a Giallo, but also feels wholly original, authentic in its characters’ emotional journeys, vivid and wild in its aesthetics, ambitiously period and yet still feels…