Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

“ok margot, for this shot i need -- wait, you haven’t showered like I asked you, right? fantastic! for this shot i need you to take your feet and just rub them right on top of the lens. don’t worry about smearing the picture, your goal is to take your toes and push them through the camera, through the screen, and into the theater. it’s immersion, baby! the whole audience is going to smell your feet!”

Funny, dreadful, cathartic, and wishful; all in that order. it’s his most referential film so far, in fact it wouldn’t function without the necessary call backs to its time period. What Tarantino has crafted is a perfect juggling act that allows for an unforgettable conclusion that is well worth the 2 hour and 25 minute journey it takes to get there. That’s all I can say without spoilers.

If you aren’t already familiar with the Manson Family Murders, I highly recommend you read up on them before watching this.

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