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  • The Island of Giant Insects

    The Island of Giant Insects

    "If I let you ladies go it'll be just like 'Murder Retreat 3: Sad Time Kiddos'. Know what I mean?"
    "Yeah, I really don't, but I'm gonna say fuck you anyway!"
    "Get cultured, whore-biscuit! You wanna play hardball with me, do ya?"
    "It's softball, fucko!"

    This movie (at least the English dub) consists of:
    5% disgusting, weirdly fetishistic death scenes

    55% really boring establishing shots, montages and exposition scenes

    40% awesome insults in awful dialgogue, delivered by a cast of…

  • Verotika


    I can't stress enough just how awful and unfun this "movie" is to watch.

    The stories are nonsensical and every other scene just consists of the same event happening over, and over, and over, and over again. I am not exaggerating, it's like the director wanted to shoot maximum coverage, but then couldn't decide which parts he wanted in the finished film, so he just included everything.

    The effects are terrible. Case and point, there's a scene with mist in…