Jade Dynasty

oh no...it's bad but it was also fun and colourful!

as general rule of thumb when it comes to over-the-top, fantasy...if the CGI dragon looks better than the one in eragon (2006), by the law of "objective fact" (a nice phrase i have stolen from a forum i was lurking), it is simply a good CGI dragon, regardless of budget. that was a very nice dragon.

in all seriousness though, xiao zhan is a wonderful actor and i have pledged to watch his career flourish (he won an award for this!) so that's how i ended up here and everyone knows i am a huge sucker for low-budget fantasy in general.

i spent a bit of time beforehand reading about the novel this was adapted from so i was familiar with the plot/characters before going in and was very fortunate to have some help from a wonderful twitter friend who provided a lot of cultural context/additional translations which i would have otherwise missed!

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