I love Westerns, but have seen about all there is to see in that department. Now I just watch whatever comes to mind.

Favorite films

  • The Wild Bunch
  • Yojimbo
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Daredevils of the Red Circle

Recent activity

  • The Nine-Colored Deer


  • Feelings of Mountains and Waters


  • G.I. Samurai


  • Otaku No Video


Recent reviews

  • King of the Carnival

    King of the Carnival


    This was Republic’s last movie serial. Also its worst. The serial format would continue on for one more year at Columbia. They’d make two more Western serials before finally laying the format to rest. Having watched every Republic serial now, I'm sad to see this form of cinema go. But I also understand why it died out. TV was an easier way to put cheap, short-form content out for the masses. They didn’t have to go to the theater for…

  • Panther Girl of the Kongo

    Panther Girl of the Kongo


    The poster proclaims it, “the most exciting serial ever filmed!” 

    It isn’t. 

    Just about the only “exciting” thing is all the old footage they steal from Jungle Girl. They even put the female lead in the same costume so that all the footage they reuse matches better. The other thing that may be mildly entertaining is this serial’s poor excuse for “giant monsters.” They’re literally just crayfish moving at a snail’s pace across miniature sets. And the scale of the models…

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