Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

Rogue One handily delivered on just about every scene my 10-year-old mind could have imagined playing with Star Wars action figures in the mud and rocks of my backyard. Seeing gritty, ground-level shots of AT-AT Walkers, X-Wing boosters glowing red in the rain, and TIE Fighters flying near huge Star Destroyers flying near huger Death Star lasers lowering into huge AF Death Stars left me utterly contented.


WTF is up with the uncanny valley throwback characters? Has Polar Express taught us nothing? It was a buzzkill every time they did it, except maybe for the pilots.

I anticipated a heavier, thicker plot, but wonder if Rogue One needed to be more straightforward to leave room for Episode 8 to go in that direction.

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