Her ★★★★★

Sometimes this movie makes me feel really small and sometimes it makes me think I can smile at the oncoming world no matter how big it is. Today it made me small.

This year I got married and experienced all the joy that comes from spending your life with someone who is perfect for you. We've also been continuing to work through problems with our relationship, small and large. Right now she is in Oregon while I'm in South Korea for 9 months on a deployment (she's also probably going to read this and text me about it(hi alypup!)).

Life grows so much in ways you never expect it to, and it can gut punch you some days. Her just really understands how a relationship feels. You understand nothing except that you want to know everything about this person you care so much for and that they make you feel full of love. Life keeps coming and it is painful and confusing, but as long as you've felt that love you can continue. I feel very emotionally drained and lonely, but its refreshing to get to think about love and life in a larger sense.

A great way to start my 2019. I hope I get to experience the wide range of emotion this year that Theo did in the film, and I hope my love life continues to be a million times better. I love you Alyssia. Call this our love letter from Theo to start the new year❤


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