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    NOPE is easily Jordan Peele's best movie. He brings a confidence to his pacing, his character work and his humor while losing none of the ambition or weirdness of Us. It's unfair to even compare them as Peele is working with a different sub-genre of horror here. Masterclass.

    Hollywood has ground up people and animals alike from the very beginning, in the name of spectacle and the American dream, and the camera has always been there watching.

  • Humanoids from the Deep

    Humanoids from the Deep


    It’s absolutely criminal what Corman did to Barbara Peeters original cut of this, adding sleazy rape sequences against her, and many other members of the casts wishes. Would pay good money for a Peeters cut of this, because I love the small town vibe, it’s got great gore and the Bottin monster suits hold up and look great.

    The final 20 minutes being an all-out fish person attack on a carnival is an amazing capper.

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