Inception ★★★★½

There's always that one movie that you can't seem to look away from; it's almost as if you're watching it for the first time, every time. For me, INCEPTION is that film. I've watched this so many times over the years, and I still find myself on the edge of my seat. In the wrong hands, this could have gone so wrong, but thankfully Warner Bros. had enough faith in Nolan to pull it off - and pull it off he did. It houses a completely awesome ensemble cast, mind-bending special effects, and a masterfully-crafted climax in the titular "inception." Every time I watch said climax, I find myself asking, "How?! How did Nolan do it?" It's so tightly edited, action-packed, and features so many different genres all in one. As mentioned, this cast is spectacular. Each person is perfect for their characters, and they have such an awesome chemistry together. Hans Zimmer's iconic score may have started an unnecessary trend in blockbusters, but here, it blends in so well. There are so many moving parts to this movie, so much so that it requires multiple viewings to understand it all.

On the surface, this film seems like a heist film having to do with dreams, but at its core, INCEPTION succeeds in bringing an emotional backbone, whether it be through Mal's projection or Fischer finally finding acceptance in his dad. The exposition doesn't bug me one bit, since for a concept this huge, it needs a little explaining. Cobb's backstory with Mal, as it unfolds before our eyes, is sad in the most beautiful way, in that it is the reason why Cobb pursues inception itself. There are moments of levity as well. Nolan manages to sneak in the witty style from Batman Begins in between the heavy moments, and it balances the tone very well. I find the ambiguous ending to be quite perfect, and though it may anger and confuse people to this day, it makes the guessing all the more fun.

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