Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

If there's anything we can take from the story of Llewyn Davis, it's to not let life get you down, no matter how dirty it deals you. We all have those days - where it seems like we can't catch a break and it's all gone to pot. In those moments, it seems natural to just get angrier and angrier with the world. As we saw with Llewyn, it drove him down a further rabbit hole of crisis. But I posit that at those times, we should just take a step back and think about all the good things that have gotten us to this point. As a performer myself, I know firsthand that feeling of rejection Llewyn gets so often, and it hurts all the more. I've been driven to tears and anger because I'm just that frustrated with not getting roles, not getting the girl, or being ostracized by friends. A lot of times - especially at my day job - I feel like I'm just stuck, and I'm not ever gonna reach my goals. But even through all of that pain, Llewyn picks himself up and keeps going, and why? Because his art is the thing he lives for the most. To prove himself to the public, sure, but you can tell that music is a type of therapy for him. In my own personal life, I find that whenever I'm rejected for a role, or by a person, it's God’s way of telling me "not yet" or "not them." Even though Llewyn is a complete jerk to the world for most of this movie, you still have to empathize with him, as we all confide in that singular thing that drives us in life. You can tell this is a super personal story for the Coen's, as it's so different in tone from the rest of their films, and I think there were no better directors - or even a perfect lead actor in Oscar Isaac - to tell this kind of story.

I needed this kind of reminder today. Don't give up on your dreams or life, kids. No matter what the world throws at you.

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