Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ★★★★½

Oh, to be back in 2006, witnessing one of the greatest, thematically coherent, and massively-produced studio sequels ever conceived. One of the only films I distinctly remember seeing in theaters as a kid, and for good reason. If the first one is a fantastic miracle of a popcorn flick, this one dives head first into the weird, creative, and dastardly fun capabilities of the supernatural. Davy Jones himself (and his crew) is a wonderful addition to this world, as well as the ever-expanding cast of characters we know and love. I think this one also has some of the funnier moments in the series - especially everything revolving that first island escape. It’s also worth noting just how good this whole thing looks. Like, *dang*. I wish studios were more willing to throw money at things and actually give their creatives enough time and energy to deliver a good product. Those special effects are breathtaking, looking as if they could have been made this year. Lovecraftian, gothic, and a rolling rollercoaster ride... I pine for the days when films were made by creatives instead of engineered by studios. In Verbinski we trust.

Things that are just undeniably cool in this:
- Bootstrap Bill eats a live hermit crab
- A daring escape from island natives who should not have been disturbed
- “It’s the Bible, you get credit for trying!”
- Sword fighting on a mill wheel through a Caribbean jungle
- A crew of pirate-sea creature hybrids, led by a tragic villain (with AMAZING octopus design)
- An estranged father and son redeemed
- Jack facing off against the Kraken when all hope is lost
- Tia Dalma’s entire mythos
- Surprisingly good foreshadowing for what comes next in the series

Absolutely genius. Love to see a film that was actually storyboarded and seen through to the end.

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