Tenet ★★★★½

Oh yeah, chief. This is it.

Quite possibly Nolan's most ambitious project yet? All while being nearly indecipherable for at least the first half? You bet. The set pieces and action are bold, the premise undeniably cool and mind-bending, and the leads (particularly John David Washington and Robert Pattinson) charming. Everything you want in a spy movie and more. Between this and Dunkirk, Nolan seems to have grown up as a director - now favoring IMAX to allow him to push the boundaries of linear, normal storytelling. And I'm 100% here for it. Though my face was shielded with a mask, you can bet that my mouth was wide open at all of the inversion stuff in this. Probably the raddest thing I've seen on screen all year.

If this sets a precedent for how Nolan will operate in the 2020s, count me in.

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