Vox Lux ★★★½

I'm gonna have to sit on this one for a while, but man, oh MAN, it's so good. The two halves aren't really cohesive, but somehow, it just works? I don't know. Corbet’s decision to open the film like he did, as well as choosing to go there with 9/11 imagery in Celeste’s earlier life gave the film such a firm foundation - being true to its subtitle of “A 21st Century Portait.” Both Raffey Cassidy and Natalie Portman are incredible. Both do a great job portraying Celeste in different seasons of her life - and I think one of the biggest strengths is the transition to the modern day and just how much she has changed as a performer and a person. Portman in particular deserved a MAJOR Oscar nomination for her work in my opinion, and Lol Crawley absolutely deserved more recognition for his cinematography here. I do think it feels rather incomplete - like a whole final act was missing - and the sudden ending after the concert kinda makes the film less satisfying but SO GOOD. I might prefer its counterpart A STAR IS BORN a bit more, but I totally dug every weird part about this.

Can Willem Dafoe just narrate my whole life pls

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