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  • Bigger Fatter Liar

    Bigger Fatter Liar

    The real liar here is Netflix, giving this 4.5 stars. #FakeNews

  • Gibby


    A low point in Crystal the monkey's career, in which she takes on the role of an ordinary Capuchin, when in reality, she is so much more. Didn't Phil Gorn realize he was working with an A-lister?

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  • Sharknado


    +1 point for censoring "aww shit" with "aww shepard".

    +5 points for the man that makes an inevitable period joke after seeing blood in the water.

    +10 points for the man that blames everything on the government.

    -100 points for casting sharks that have no talent for acting.

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    While most people seemed to be turned off by Nicolas Winding Refn's awkward sense of pacing, I found it quite fitting for this film. That, combined with the visually appealing set designs, lighting, and camera angles, earn ONLY GOD FORGIVES major style points, and make for the film's strongest point.

    However, I believe this film falls flat when it comes to the characters. We, the audience, were never given a reason to root for Julian (Ryan Gosling), who is the…