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  • The Ogre

    The Ogre


    This Lamberto Bava directed TV movie is a real disappointment. The setting is great and so is the scenario. The dungeon with the man eating ogre lying in wait makes for a great atmosphere. There's also an excellent soundtrack that acts to enhance the mood.

    Ultimately the film falls short overall though. The lore is never delved into fully and the husband and wife repeat the cycle of having the same argument and then embracing each other while fighting. You'll…

  • Re/Member



    This is a weird one. The tone is all over the place and the effects are so bad. I did end up really liking the main character though and how the group bonded as the film moves on. The story is pretty interesting as well and one of the deaths later on is genuinely upsetting. Unfortunately they fail to capitalize on the impact of that later one.

    Overall I still enjoyed the film. I don't think this will work for…

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  • Ms .45

    Ms .45


    Let me start out by saying Zoe Lund does a phenomenal job in the lead role as a mute seamstress. She makes for a sympathetic character that we root for even when she goes over the edge. I find it hard to blame her though.

    I think this would technically be considered a rape revenge film, but in my eyes it doesn't necessarily play out like the others. I don't typically have a very strong stomach for those types of…

  • The Twin

    The Twin


    A twist isn't always a good thing. With The Twin we're given a pretty atmospheric and eerie horror story that builds up to conclusion that details and betrays it.

    I liked the storyline and the journey the characters were going on. The supernatural elements of the film were really clicking and what we saw on screen fell into one of my favorite subgenres/elements of horror. Then with 15 or so minutes left the rug is pulled out from under us…