Dragon Eyes ★½

Almost a disaster, in spite of fun 'cameo's from JCVD and a manically over-the-top Peter Weller, John (son of Peter) Hyam's remake of Kurosawa's Yojimbo as a martial arts and contemporary gang-land saga is turgid unless people are punch each other. A single shuck-and-jive bit of comedy in the middle breaks out of the boring slog of this film, and it's funny, but might rankle some sensibilities for its tone. JCVD has finally graduated into the 'mentor role' and if you have the right type sense of humour, Weller is a hoot.

Dragon Eyes was shot on a micro-budget (and it shows) the film could benefit from a tighter editing job, but convoluted structure likely makes it difficult to completely get rid of the unwieldiness or the fact that most of the movie seems to take place in abandoned-warehouse-sets. The opening fight sequence in the 'town square' (so to speak) is memorable, but also the highpoint in a 90 minute film that feels like 3 hours.