Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

As usual I am late to the party, the Sound of Metal gives life to deafness. Another stellar performance by Riz Ahmed (Ruben) tells the story of a man thrust into a world of silence. The filmmakers expertly tell the tell the tale through the use of sound of a world without it. We feel the fear and the desperation of Rubens new found life. 

My grandmother was deaf. Around the age of four or five I found that I could “play” her piano as much as I wanted and it never bothered her. My mom was sixteen when she lost most of her hearing. Now, in her eighties she is very close to being deaf. I grew up living in a world of repeated phrases and lip reading. I never felt that they were disabled. My reality was one that accepted their differences as being minor setbacks. Only in my later years would I realize my luck. To hear music and understand the words. To connect with the world so easily. 

I, too, have sat on a park bench in Paris completely content with the world around me. The only difference being the sound of the trees.

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