Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Remember when Jackson captured a stunningly choreographed battle between Kong and multiple combatants?

Remember how surprisingly badass Jack Black looked knocking the shit out of gargantuan beetle creatures?

Remember the enthralling triangle of love between Kong, Ann and Jack?

That's how you make a Kong movie.

Remember when Vogt-Roberts plagiarised Jackson's scene of Kong battling multiple combatants?

Remember how fucking ridiculous (and James Bond tryout) Tom Hiddleston looked wielding a katana in slow-motion?

Remember the military-machismo parody of Samuel L. Jackson's Samuel L. Jackson?

That's how you don't make a Kong movie.

2005's King Kong is far from faultless, but Kong: Skull Island finds itself in a whole other league of lame. If not for the occasional surge of deft direction, swing this film into your watchlist if you're a Brie Larson fan. I'd recommend you savour her screen-time though.

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