Nobody ★★★★

A bloodied Bob Odenkirk ditching the 9-5, RZA going full Tiger Style, and Christopher Lloyd brandishing a double-barrelled shotgun. This is officially the action alliance I never knew I needed. Nobody asks the ultimate question: can dad-bod be badass, too? Odenkirk’s casual sadism provides the answer. This may walk in the footsteps of John Wick or the Taken franchise, but it elicits twice the satisfaction, particularly for losers like me. Ilya Naishuller and co offer up some of the greatest needle-drops in recent cinema. Nina Simone’s rendition of ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ opening the movie is a masterstroke, and the already infamous bus scene set to ‘I’ve Gotta Be Me’ sent the audience in my screening wild. I’m not sure how much we needed to hear ‘What a Wonderful World’ again, but I’ll let that fly for the monologue that precedes it. This would be a lot more impressive if we never heard Odenkirk’s name, but that’s me asking an intentionally dumb movie to be smart. I kept hoping it would drop the digital and pump the genre, but this isn’t an S. Craig Zahler outing (as much as it sometimes leads you to believe). All I know is, when the sequel comes around, if they miss the opportunity to call it Somebody I’ll be deeply disappointed. This is a movie for the domesticated dads out there, trapped in a continuum of morning coffee flasks and taking out the trash. Saul Goodman finally gives Heisenberg a run for his money.

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