Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

A few years late to this, largely because I figured Whiplash filled the gap for ‘that drumming movie I never knew I needed,’ but it turns out that’s not what they were going for here anyway. One thing is certain, I’ve never felt the impending dread of a degenerative hearing disorder the way this film made me feel it. Marder’s vision is so empathetically told, and thankfully Derek Cianfrance’s antiestablishment sensibilities manage to save the narrative from its overbearing neoliberalism. Seeing 35mm upscaled to 4K like this worked a treat, the crackly fine grain of rural Missouri only amplified by a career-best performance from Riz Ahmed. My main gripe, is with the one I call Mr. Ponytail. It’s a great performance, and I understand what they’re going for with the character, but what is it recently with self-righteous hipster idols clawing for moral high-ground? Barely any of Mr. Ponytail’s *wise* decisions make a lick sense, nor do they benefit anyone. I really could’ve been spared the lecture. Nomadland flashbacks aside, Sound of Metal succeeds gracefully in making the quiet things loud, rollicking along until it settles in its closing moments of stillness.

“How long you been clean?”
“Four years.”

“How long you two been together?”
“Four years.”

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