The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ★★★★★

Extreme close-ups of blood-lined eyes darting frantically across the monstrosities in front of them. A pig-squealing giant in a hand-stitched skin mask, lip-licking from a misplaced arousal of unrelenting slaughter. An unwanted guest setting tones of pure sadism, a smiling delirium of hysteria and blood. Paradoxical cycles of violence and torture. 

Is evil taught, or is it born?

Irreplaceable, irrepressible, and boundlessly barbaric, Hooper's horrifying vision is an unrepentant chain of gut-churning claustrophobic events, its combination of secluded aesthetics and psychologically skewed characters equating to the horror film equivalent of having your brain bludgeoned to a bloody pulp. Influential beyond belief, this tension drenched squirm-fest paved a grit scattered road for the horror genre, perhaps most notably exemplified by Ridley Scott whom on several occasions stated this as the major inspiration for Alien. With exceptional performances from all members of the cast, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is truly as up close and personal as cinema gets. From the first few flashes of this feature, nothing can detract from the decadent despair of rural Texas, the isolation ever-growing as our empathetic ensemble of warmhearted hippies gradually transform from characters to cattle.

This isn't a film in which you feel fear, this is a film in which you live fear, a film in which every breath you breathe is drawn shorter and shorter. Your fearful screams will evolve into a hysterically triumphant laughter, a contagion of the behaviour which will surround you for one moon too many.