Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★

Good things about this film...
- It's set in Chicago, which is a nod to the show Mike and Molly where it is set and stars Melissa McCarthy. That's probably irrelevant, but thought it would be a fun fact!
- It had touching moments.
- It stars Jason Bateman and Bobby Cannavale who both starred (separately) alongside McCarthy)
- Emily's backstory was heartbreaking yet well inspired.

What I didn't like...
- Lydia was annoying.
- They tried to make it too funny.
- I didn't want to see McCarthy eating raw chicken. Twice. Or third time!
- We never learned who the Miscreant was who killed Emily's parents.
- Lydia's backstory was never explored. Just that she works at the docks and has a drinking problem.
- It wasn't Netflix's finest moment.

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