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In case people don't know already there was a 2014 script that Cary Fukanaga wrote with Chase Palmer before they got booted off the directors seat due to creative differences. Instead, New Line Cinema and WB made a rushed, jump scares fest, with minimal character development and over the top CGI visuals. 

This is what we could've had if Fukanaga and Palmer were still on board. 

 * When Pennywise meets Georgie, their encounter is MUCH shorter, only a few quips back and forth. Instead of just biting Georgie's hand off, the scene focuses on Pennywise eating him vigorously - it’s described as “Georgia being ripped back and forth like a rag-doll”
* When we see Will go home, instead of him showing his dad a model with the pipes of where Georgie’s body could’ve ended up, that part is completely replaced with an encounter with Will’s comatose mother. 
* Stan’s vision in the synagogue is more fleshed out. The major difference is his manifested fear isn’t the painting come to life, but rather an encounter with a naked and decayed woman in a Mitveh pool who chases him out. It’s very similar to THE SHINING’s Room 237 encounter. Before the woman is revealed to be a decayed monster, she mocks him for not being a “man”. 
* Beverly’s mother exists in Fukunaga’s script. Her mother encourages her to go to the store to buy a tampon pack, and warns of her incoming “womanhood” which will occur every 27 days. The mother is also presented in a drugged-up state. 
* The scene with the car driving by when Ben is being picked on by the bullies - instead of Ben seeing a balloon in the backseat, he sees Pennywise grinning back at him. (I would’ve KILLED to see this rather than the balloon, could’ve been an iconic visual for the film) 
* When Travis and the boys lose the knife, there’s detailed scene showing the boy’s hands mere inches from the knife hidden on the ground. I think this would’ve fleshed out the later scene with Travis receiving the knife in the mailbox. 
* Mike’s encounter with Pennywise is much later. He runs away from the bullies and hides in an old IRONWORKS factory. The bullies case him inside and there’s a cat and mouse game, but eventually Mike smacks the bullies with a smokestack around the corner and runs away towards a cellar hold where he reads a sign, Pennywise hovers behind him. Mike leaves the factory. 
* Hocksettler has an encounter with Pennywise in the IRONWORKS factory. Instead of dead children tantalizing him, Pennywise mocks him while he gets more afraid. Eventually Pennywise attacks and kills Hocksettler. 
* Beverly’s bloody sink scene - there’s no hair that comes out of the sink and pulls her closer. 
* When Will has the encounter with Georgie in the basement, Georgie floats above the water and towards Will as he repeats the mantra “You’ll float too”. Pennywise is revealed to be behind and props Georgie on his back and chases Will up the stairs before Will slams the door in his face. He returns to his bedroom and the leaking water from above gets worse. His door-handle begins to rattle and shake, Will grabs his baseball bat and approaches the door - but it’s revealed to be his father. He and his father go back down into the basement, and Zach (Will’s dad) assures him it’s dry as a bone and reckons he was just having a bad dream. 
* There’s a side-story with police officers searching for children. We see it from there perspective, the search at night in the woods. 
* An extended scene where the police officers arrest Mike’s dad, believing he’s housing dead bodies. 
* Beverly isn’t with the Loser Squad when they go into Ben’s room. 
* At the park lake, when the children are playing in the water, Richie dives underwater for a moment. He sees Pennywise FLOATING in the depths below him. Ben screams, and something yanks his leg. The other kids think they’re joking, they eventually swim back to shore. 
* As the kids finishing helping Bev clean up the bathroom, Mr. Marsh comes home. The boys escape out her window right before her dad enters the bathroom.

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