Blair Witch

Blair Witch ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

I thought Blair Witch was a well-made movie for the most part. Adam Wingard did a great job, he really knows how to make horror movies scary. The acting was fine, nothing special. The only thing I hated were all the glitches that happened every few seconds during some scenes, unnecessary and loud. I also didn't like how this was a Blair Witch Project sequel? Honestly a sequel is the last thing the movie needed. It wasn't even a great sequel either, storywise. It was essentially a remake of the original, with an extended ending. While a lot of the ending was great, I hated how they showed The Blair Witch. What made the first movie so effective was how they didn't show the witch?? It almost feels like they ruined the original.
So overall, technically, it's a decent movie but there should have never been a sequel in the first place.

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