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  • Fist of Jesus

    Fist of Jesus


    Quite possibly the greatest film ever made.

  • The Amityville Curse

    The Amityville Curse


    The worst one so far. Definitely has a made for TV feel. Can't decided which was worse the acting or the dialogue. Also, it had nothing to do with the previous four films and doesn't take place in Amityville or in the Amityville house, which is a little weird. I'm guessing they just made a meat-and-potatoes "possession/haunted house" movie and slapped the Amityville name on it. On the plus side, it has a tarantula scene, some cheesy practical effects, and…

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  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    Double, Double Toil and Trouble - Hoop-tober 3.0 (x2): Film #14

    ”The Dead have waited. The day has come.”

    10 films from: Bava, Argento, Lenzi, Fulci, Henenlotter, Romero, Stuart: 1/10 (Romero)

    14 Films from franchises: #6 of 14

    This never really bugged me before but doesn’t a zombie killing people with a gun kind of defeat the purpose of a zombie? Is it just me?

  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Double, Double Toil and Trouble - Hoop-tober 3.0 (x2): 11/62.

    ”The Most Horrid Horror Film You Could Fear To See.”

    12 Countries: 2/12 – (France)
    10 films from before 1970: 1/10 (1960)
    10 Decades: 2/10 (The 60s)

    I can see why this is a classic and why it is so beloved. It’s got a great mood, and some iconic moments. Call me crazy, though, I thought it lagged in a few places. There’s a lot of footage of walking to…