High Society

High Society ★★★½

Well, if you're going to remake The Philadelphia Story - especially with this title - then you've got to damn well do so with considerable class and MGM succeeded admirably by hiring Cole Porter to provide the memorable tunes and getting Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm and Louis Armstrong to sing them!

The Ice Queen herself, Grace Kelly, also gets a chance to perform True Love with Bing and she is pleasing - and typecast - as the spoilt rich girl who via re-exposure to her ex-husband on the eve of her re-marriage, learns something about forgiveness and herself..

The result is a charming musical comedy - not a patch on the original, of course - which nevertheless coasts along rather nicely on the strength of its songs, the charm of its players and benefits from all of the considerable studio 'gloss' thrown at it!

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