Ms .45 ★★★★

A low-budget cult exploitation revenge thriller from Abel Ferrara about a mute garment worker (Zoë Tamerlis ) who is raped twice in the same day and then exacts revenge on the many sleazeball males populating the mean streets of New York who have the misfortune of crossing her path. It's a feminist spin on the Charles Bronson/Death Wish vigilante cycle punctuated with visceral bursts of violence, but it's well-paced and directed with no shortage of flair and wit by Ferrara.

This isn't the 'genre' of film I usually go for but I liked this one a lot and appreciated the director's visual style. After watching his Ms. 45, I certainly won't be issuing Ferrara's filmography a P45 any time soon. I'll be back for more..

Trivia Note: Tamerlis went on to co-write Bad Lieutenant with Ferrara in 1992 but her continued drug abuse contributed to her death from heart failure in 1999 at the age of just 37.

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