There's Always a Price Tag

There's Always a Price Tag ★★★★

A smartly directed '50's French 'noir' in a Double Indemnity stylee which sees an impoverished artist (Daniel Gélin) heading inexorably to his doom when, in exchange for no doubt extremely satisfying sexual favours from a platinum blonde 'femme fatale' (Michèle Morgan), the gormless dauber with his brains in his undercrackers assists her foolhardy insurance scam to prove that her husband Peter van Eyck's suicide was, in fact, dastardly 'meurtre'.

Of course the plan goes awry - we wouldn't have a film otherwise! - but the fun is in watching how Denys de La Patellière, a director I've never had the pleasure of acquainting myself with before, interprets James Hadley Chase's novel and leads us through the many twists and turns you would expect from a film in this genre..... and it has be said he does a fine job, pacing his story nicely, shooting it crisply in glorious black and white, and succeeding in 'selling' Morgan as the venal, ultra-sexy siren who you could imagine twisting any man around her elegant fingers. Me, for one..