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  • Adventureland
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  • A Sound of Thunder

  • Music from Another Room

  • Until We Meet Again


  • Bride of Chucky


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  • A Sound of Thunder

    A Sound of Thunder

    I feel like Letterboxd is courting a libel suit for listing Jurassic Park under Similar Films to this. 😄
    When the greenscreen shots look as natural as Sir Ben Kingsley's hair, one has to wonder where exactly the budget went. The visuals are on par with SyFy Channel original programming from the era, and the editing is worse; one of Ed Burns' lines early on is clearly interrupted by a jumpcut. Less competent and compelling than The Butterfly Effect. It seems inconceivable that the director of Time Cop could make such a bad time travel movie!
    David Oyelowo certainly paid his dues by surviving this.

  • Music from Another Room

    Music from Another Room

    A twisted "love story" in which a too handsome to be sympathetic underdog ingratiates himself to a family, despite every member loathing him, in pursuit of a woman already in a stable relationship with whom he has an unhealthy and unrealistic obsession. It's like if the family in While You Were Sleeping hated Sandra Bullock. If I were Savage Garden, I'd revoke the music rights from this creep fest. No wonder Orion went bankrupt.

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  • Aliens



    Stands side-by-side with Cameron's own T2 as a sequel that improves upon its predecessor. Cameron's ramped up approach as well as the inclusion of several of his regular players combine to make this a near perfect action flick. Of course, much like real life, the true monsters here aren't the hulking beasts that bleed acid but corporate greed and lack of oversight.
    I'll need to revisit the Director's Cut soon to determine my preferred version, as I realized on this…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Ramblings of a lifelong Batman fanboy...
    RPat as The Bat: It was definitely strange being older than the actor playing Batman for the first time in my life. Bale's Bruce is a muted Patrick Bateman while Pattinson is a greasy, depressed kid; fitting for a Year Two Batman. This is a story about identity and growing pains. The suit and cowl were fine; one of the things I disliked about Bale's cowl is how it strangled his face and made…