Hereditary ½

Worst movie I've ever seen, with the critical raves making this a more extreme failure than any low-rent comedy.

From the beginning I thought Toni Collette was playing things a little overly mannered; little did I know where this was going. This is a poorly marketed horror parody, not a "slow burn masterpiece". Comparing this to something like THE WITCH shows a complete lack of standards.

HEREDITARY riffs off at least two of the most praised horror films of all time which only draws more attention to Ari Aster's complete lack of cinematic storytelling ability. The narrative itself is unoriginal and reminiscent of much better stories. There's a ton of unsettling noises and images that are so poorly put together that they actually prevented a sense of dread from forming.

I hated this movie. I hate that critics I like enjoyed it. I hate that many found this to be thrilling and scary and a visceral moviegoing experience.