Trevor Morris

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A movie-loving, bike-riding web developer from the UK.

Favorite films

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Amores Perros
  • Inception
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Recent activity

  • Office Christmas Party


  • Ella Enchanted


  • Everyone Says I Love You


  • Underworld: Evolution


Recent reviews

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad


    Where is the rest of the movie? It was an interesting concept and had some chilling scenes (the birth) and I liked the grandparents' angle. But the flashbacks were pointless, the tone was very uneven and the ending was completely stupid. Nicolas Cage was off-the-wall crazy in his own style. It lacked the energy of the director's previous movies (Crank) that can't be recreated by some poor fast-paced editing.

  • Pink Wall

    Pink Wall


    This is very similar to Nights and Weekends in that it shows snippets of a relationship over a time period. This movie follows two people with scenes set over different years but presented out of order. The movie stars Jay Duplass, who plays a man content with his life, alongside his girlfriend – played brilliantly by Tatiana Maslany – who is a fiery go-getter who wants more from her professional life.

    There are a few really good scenes, especially the…

Popular reviews

  • Vivarium



    I wanted to like this Twight Zone-esque movie, but it really struggles with a basic concept stretched a little too thin. Lured and abandoned in an inescapable endless suburban housing estate, a young couple must accept their fate and raise a baby they are mysteriously given.

    Jesse Eisenberg is good as a man slowly losing his sanity and working himself to death with a thankless job. But it is Imogen Poots who shines, giving a nuanced performance struggling to accept…

  • Asteroid City

    Asteroid City


    This was on par with Wes Anderson's previous feature The French Dispatch and evokes the same criticisms;

    An all-star cast feature in the quintessential Wes Anderson movie, but which is devoid of emotion, lost in the cold symmetrical and framed set design and cinematography.

    After half an hour I was bored of the quirkiness. There are plenty of characters with somewhat interesting stories, but these only ever touch the surface. The screenplay story-within-the-story didn't really work for me; I would…