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  • Long time Running

    Long time Running


    I wasn’t too interested in seeing this documentary, since I wouldn’t consider myself a Hip fan. I like their music a lot, which I think any Canadian does, but it’s always been mainly radio music to me.

    Sadly though, we found out today that Gord Downie passed away from his battle with cancer. Even me not being a huge fan, it hit hard. I knew my local theatre was playing this documentary but didn’t have a ride or money. So…

  • The Day of the Locust

    The Day of the Locust


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I’m really torn on this one. I honestly couldn’t stand any of the characters besides Donald Sutherland. It all really bored me for the most part, but had some very unique and odd scenes that I got into. All shot gorgeously with an almost Mulholland Dr. look to everything.

    Sutherland gets treated like shit throughout and finally snaps after a kid throws something at him while calling him a Nazi. Fed up, he then proceeds to jump on the kids…

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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    How the actual fuck did I have this at 3 and a half stars...

    Absolutely beautiful.

    I remember for some reason being annoyed by the music and how Adam Sandler acted in this on my first watch. But now I connect with Adam Sandler and love the music. How the music goes from being very off beat to enchanting and classical (almost sounds like Amarcord) just fits the moods of the movie perfectly.

    It's great how you can go back to a film after a period of time and appreciate it more and connect even more. Especially when it becomes a new favourite.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I am completely shook.

    I haven't had this incredible of an experience in a theatre since "Her", and even that doesn't come close to this. I've never had so many emotions flow through me. I went from laughing to coming close to crying. Only reason I didn't was cause my friend was there.

    This movie doesn't miss a note. The music is beautiful and I felt like everyone in the theatre was going to break into dance come the end.…