The Love Nest

The Love Nest ★★★★★

And with that I complete my Keaton short film blu-ray set, and what a great way to end it. As a whole many of these shorts were good, most were great, but all were entertaining. It’s amazing how well their creativity and humor holds up, as many of the shorts are or will soon be 100 years old. The stunt work is also incredible too. It’s also amazing how clear they were able to make some of these shorts that are of this age. As for this short, it was a great time. It had a very fun premise. Very interesting that most of the short is tinted either yellow or blue to represent the time of  day. For some odd reason though it really fascinated me seeing the footage of that whale, as well as footage of battleships firing from this time period. Overall this short, as are all the shirts in this set, was a great time and all are well worth checking out at least once.