After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

After Blue (Dirty Paradise) ★★

Slot this under film with a premise I could get obsessed about, and a production design I am, but an execution that is mostly unpleasant and frustrating. It's certainly wild and weird and original. The aesthetic reminds me of an 80s fantasy film. And every film by the director of El Topo/Holy Mountain whose name escapes me and who I could have googled in the time it took me to write this sentence. But there's a lot more lesbians in this. About the same amount of boobs.

David Lynch is one of the few filmmakers that can make incoherence enthralling. This is on occasion entertaining but it also really has no business being 130 fucking minutes long.

Kate Bush as the name of the villain they say in full about a million times in their French accent, lands differently post-Stranger Things S4.

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