Gotti ★★★★★

Today, I did the impossible and actually watched the movie. And it is absolutely fascinating. I tried watching it earlier last month, but I thought it was boring so I stopped watching 30 minutes in. I decided that I wasn't going to finish it and I was just going to stick to the bus-parking that I had seen beforehand. That was until recently, I confessed on the gotti subreddit that I had not finished it. Thankfully, after writing that comment I was called out for it, and I decided, maybe I should give Gotti another chance, and I am so glad I did. This movie is so fucking bizarre, in ways that you have to pay attention to get. There are lines of dialogue in this that are funnier than a million buses parked up asses sideways.
To truly experience this as a funny bad movie, you have to be paying attention. You have to process and think about every scene and line of dialogue to truly understand what makes this so funny.

In terms of quality, I rate this a 1/10
In terms of enjoyment I rate this a 10/10

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