Heat ★★★★★

The first time I watched HEAT, I was ten years old. My dad had introduced it to me as one of his favorite films of all time. Being the child that I was at the time, I didn’t get it. I found it to be boring, overlong, and I was only really fascinated with the heist sequences. I ended up leaving my dad stranded, and walked out two hours into the film. Well, here I am, five years later. Now I know better. I can finally identify this as the brilliant film that it is. Everything about this is phenomenal. The presentation is slick and stylized, yet never feels unrealistic. The way Mann paints the radiant L.A. environment after dark is mesmerizing. The ensemble cast absolutely knocks it out of the park here, there’s not a single weak performance. The endlessly quotable dialogue never fails to stick with you. For a three hour film, this absolutely flies by, and I honestly cannot wait to see this for a third and fourth time. I’ve finally matured to the point where I can recognize HEAT as the masterpiece it’s been hailed as. I hope you’re proud, Dad.

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