Dunkirk ★★★★½

"Wars are not won by evacuations..."

Never thought a burning fighter plane would ever symbolize hope, and with such intensity.

Then again it's similarly unlikely that the largest military evacuation, following the most humiliating military disaster in history, would energize a nation to defend itself and the world. After my last viewing, all I could remember was the exasperating rendition of the horrors of war. But the legend of Dunkirk is not just about the rescue, it's also about the resolve of a nation. A belief that this retreat will be, at all cost, turned into victory. I almost forgot that the movie goes on for 6-7 more minutes after the ticking stops (What a score!). Nolan ends with a uplifting epilogue, in which hope never rings false. Dunkirk is a richer movie for it.

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