Stalker ★★★½

Wow ok.
Last night, I had the sudden urge to watch this movie and that urge doesn't come around that often so I took advantage of it. Watched an hour last night and the rest slowly throughout today.
I will say, the first hour and a half was great. Loved it and was excited for more. And then the rest just uninterested me.
Buuuuuut while watching this slow excruciatingly boring almost three hour movie, imma be honest I had no idea what was happening throughout the whole middle of the movie. Not in a I don't understand the theme way but like I actually did not understand the plot. Like I knew the Stalker was taking the two men into the zone and blah blah blah but when it came to the room and stuff I had no clue what was happening.
I was watching the movie the whole time and I wasn't on my phone so I think what caused my confusion was that I might've zoned out (Pun intended af) at some parts and missed some important dialogue.
But alls good cause after, I read the full plot on wikipedia and I was like woah. So it does need a rewatch but I do now know everything that happened and I understand . (Plot wise)
I also read some explanations and stuff and wow this deep asf. I won't try to explain it cause it would be terrible but yeah crazy crazy.
I really loved the whole color change in and out of the zone and just the whole atmosphere created in the zone is insane.
I do kind of love this film but I also kinda hate it. Mixed feelings but I think this rating is accurate.

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