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  • Fruitvale Station

    Fruitvale Station


    Cooger perfectly executes the day in a life structure. The characters are well devised and the subject matter has never been more relevant. Backed by heartfelt performances the film offers its fair share of emotional moments. My only criticism would be that I didn't find many of the narrative events that profound. The scene with the dog and the resteraunt toilet encounter, being the only real thought provoking moments. After the main climax Cooger tries to dig deeper but after all the suspense this switch in momentum didn't quite land with me. Still a great picture

  • I'm No Longer Here

    I'm No Longer Here


    Nice character driven film about identity. My favourite thing about this screenplay was that Fernando Frias doesn't point blame or force the audience to believe the lead protagonist is right or wrong. Obviously you sympathise with Ulises but his character is flawed and you could easily criticise his stubbornness. The naivety caused by having such a strong passion can detach you from reality and blind you from people who care. Very interesting film

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  • Lean on Pete

    Lean on Pete


    Emotionally impactfull and socially relevant film about abandonment. Thankfully this film isn't completely about horse racing. Rather the treatment of race horses becomes a vessel to convey insights surrounding child welfare. Although the films trajectory diverts fairly astray, this allows the audience to better sympathise with the sensation of being lost and vulnerable. Certainly not uplifting but a sincere and necessary watch

  • The Kings of Summer

    The Kings of Summer


    Enjoyable coming of age film thematically similar to genre counterparts Garden State and Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. This style of cinema is consistently entertaining and quirky, with Kings of Summer locating similar success. Featuring a never ending assortment of expressive characters, the film experiences no trouble creating and executing various comedic situations. However, this pursuit of humour occurs at the expense of the films dramatic sequences, especially the love interest that appears annoyingly generic and one dimensional in comparison. Nevertheless Kings of Summer proves a heartfelt piece of cinema and worthwhile watch