• Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    We open on a lost paradise. Taking a cue from the ‘68-er parole “Under the paving-stones, the beach!” - which opens Pynchon’s book and that arrives in the film at the very end, after the credits - the first shot of Inherent Vice suggest an alternate vision: “Between the houses, the ocean…”

    A few melancholy dot dot dots are here more appropriate than the hopeful ‘68-er exclamation mark, as it's no longer a question of a revolutionary tearing-up-of-streets to get to…

  • Satantango



    I went to this movie alone, so my thoughts, as usual, flutter all over the place. To: should I have gone today, am I really in the mood? Did I drink enough coffee? Too much? I’m in debt. I shouldn’t have fun when I’m in debt, I should only be in misery and try to fix the problem. Maybe I am fixing the problem right now, somehow, here in the cinema? No, don’t be stupid. Anyway, is Béla Tarr “fun”?…