Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

glad i saw it again. knowing how the film plays out made it a lot more rewarding for me this time. not happy about what they did with tnzben (rot13.com) still, but it’s such a satisfying, cathartic conclusion to a series that’s really special to me. i’ve seen every one (except thor the dark world) in theaters because my dad has been a marvel fan since he started reading comics in the 60s. i know these things aren’t for everyone, and sometimes they aren’t even for me, but when they work for me, they really work for me and remind me of when i was 7 years old seeing iron man with my dad. he turned 60 this year and i’ve began to realize i don’t have infinite time with him anymore, and even though he’s not gone yet, these mcu movies make me reminiscent of our whole relationship and will be a beacon to him when he’s gone. 

sorry idk where this came from i didn’t even see this with him ignore me. been a rough week.

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