Mystery Train ★★★★★

woah! an instant favorite.

next viewing i will write more, because i have no clue how to express how great i thought this film was.

centered around rockabily/50s rock, set in a fantastical (or maybe just jarmuschian) version of memphis where elvis is everywhere, a film focused on the importance appreciating the moment and around characters. the use of prominently stating (three times at that) that there is no television in the hotel rooms reinforces the idea that screens take away from truly experiencing life, whether it's sex with your partner, drunken mayhem, or a talkative stranger.

also how could i possibly not love a film that stars joe strummer, tom waits, and screamin' jay hawkins? that's a rock & blues fan's dream!

hawkins's red suit pops on the criterion bluray. what a beautiful restoration.

masatoshi nagase is one cool fucker.

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